Chris Stein, co-founder of Blondie, has opened an exhibition honoring ‘Me, Blondie And the Advent of Punk’ at the Paul Smith store in LA. The artifacts include this striking image of Debbie Harry, which encapsulates her fierce punk rock attitude and envy-inducing sense of fashion and style. 40 years after her heyday, she’s still an icon. Want to recreate her unforgettable style? Learn how in the notes.

Step: Blondie’s hair was her calling card. She wore it in many ways, from blunt bobs to longer, more layered styles. Most of the time, though, it was distinct for having blunt, square outline with bangs. So if you want to channel Debbie, whether going longer or shorter, focus on getting a cut with strong bangs and a blunt outline.

Step: You can’t channel Blondie without the platinum blonde locks. To recreate her color, unless you have naturally very light hair, you will need to bleach out the natural pigment, and then tone to an extra-pale blonde with a soft gold or vanilla tones. Consult with your colorist about the process before going ahead, to be sure that the hue can work for you.

Step: Thanks to all the thrashing about on stage, Debbie’s hair was a mass of mussiness, wave, and volume. To get this punk-rock style, blow-dry hair with protective thickening lotion and a paddle brush, first creating a fairly straight style. Spritz refinish into roots and tousle and shake out. Tease, coil, or rough up the hair; add a headband, big jewelry, a ripped T-shirt, and feel the Rapture.

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