The less kind may call her easy, yet Megan Markle is an expert at keeping her buns breezy. The soft wind blown messiness, casual twist and a few flying tendrils to frame the face is a perfect option for summer occasions. Learn to create the look in the style notes. 

Step: Mist clean, dry hair with a light coating of healing oil for instant glossiness. Part slightly off center, comb through.

Step: Separate out a thin strip of hair on either side of the part and clip out of the way. Pull remaining hair into a loose low bun. Sit it to one side for a soft asymmetrical effect. Secure with hair pins and bobby pins. 

Step: Pull loose a few pieces from the bun to create an undone, windblown effect. Release the clipped pieces in the front; use defining cream to separate and refine both thecae-framing tendrils and the loose bits in the bun. Finish with fierce firm hold hair spray for shine and hold.

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