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In modern times long men’s styles are often associated with counter culture movements; hippies, rockers and skaters have worn long locks as a point of difference  from the mainstream. But thanks to vintage influence, long hair for men is a growing trend. We’ve seen lots of pompadour styles with tight sides and disconnected length up top, but in the last few months these looks have begun to transition to looser, less structured shapes. The newest long cuts have a more relaxed feeling, with sides that dust the top of the ears and blend seamlessly into brow length fringe. The style is charming and princely, recalling bygone eras of chivalry with a perfect hybrid of rugged mountain toughness and buttoned up chicness. Read on for steps to getting tailored, masculine length. –– Laura Martin 

Step: The sides of this cut should be tapered but loose, with a rough, unfinished outline. Length at the front should hit just at or below the brow with a strong, square shape. Keep layers minimal and avoid over-texturizing; a piecey finish will make the look emo or feminine.

Step: At home, immediately after you hit the shower, mix a quarter of hair creme with an equal amount of texture paste and run through damp strands from roots to ends. Comb hair straight back to distribute product and reduce volume.

Step: Use fingers or comb to push hair forward, then refine and loosen. Avoid a strong part, which will feel too purposeful. Allow style to air dry.

Special thanks to Laura Martin, senior educator at ARROJO cosmetology school, for sharing professional hairstyling advice with Style Noted


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