Straight haired people love to gush about curls, but those endowed with corkscrew texture are often overwhelmed. Left unmanaged, coils can quickly spiral out of control, especially on men who spend less time taming their texture. The super-short sides and back of this cut provide a structured foundation that frames the longer, unbounded top. With a clearly defined outline even the most unruly kinks take on a tailored edge. For tips on textured hairstyles for men, click through style notes. 

Step: Ask for a razor cut to get a blended finish that seamlessly transitions from shorter sides to longer top. The straightedge blade provides a blurred edge that allows for maximum blending. A razor cut will also carve out space which enhances texture and reduces volume.

Step: Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner will keep curls hydrated, preventing frizz. Curl enhancer will provide definition without making hair stiff.

Step: Apply product to damp hair beginning at the crown and working down the back of the head then toward to front hairline. Use fingers to define and separate into desired shape, then allow to air dry. Don’t touch it during the drying process –– it only leads to flyaways.

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