Titled Prohibition, this hair-focused editorial collection by ARROJO master stylist, Amanda Jenkins, takes a close look at masculine styling trends. The idea centers on fashion-forward cutting for men; the inspiration is the contemporary trend for men’s cuts, updated from the era of prohibition, into the shape and style of the 21st century streetwise, self-made-man. This is grooming for guys, with fierce creative edge. For tips for great cuts and styles for men, click style notes. Step: For guys that like to go short with style, try a pompadour or short layer. If you prefer a mop-top, try a loose classic layer or tight graduation. To go long, focus on eliminating bulk within a long, soft and textured look.

Step: For styling with contrast, movement, separation, work with texture paste or cream wax. Both offer a low-glow matte finish and allow your finger-style different shapes, styles, and textures.
Step: If you like to go sleek, use hair gel to push it back. Otherwise try hair creme for a soft and slept-in look. Keep hair loose and malleable, not firm and crispy.


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