Continuing this summers trend of candy-colored hair, here we see a beautiful, ethereal metallic pink shade. If you have lightened hair and need a vanguard change, this is a great way to add on-trend inspiration to your style. Bear in mind, too, that most fashion colors like this are impossible to create permanently, so it will be a demi-permanent application, which makes it less of a commitment. Experiment and have fun with your color this summer!

Step: If have is dark, pre-lighten to a flaxen tone. Next, your colorist can use this canvas to layer tones of soft pink and violet on top of each other. This will create a reflective, metallic tone.

Step: From purple to pink, all kind of candy colors are popular right now. If pink isn’t for you, think about another pastel-gelato shade that may work better with your wardrobe and makeup palette.

Step: Use color save shampoo and conditioner to preserve shine.

Style Notes provided by Mariesa Ferraro, Senior Colorist, ARROJO studio, NYC.

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