The Hollywood Nouveau –– Michelle Williams, Ginnifer Goodwin, Rooney Mara –– all made the leap into our consciousness with a short pixie cut. They were not the first. Mia Farrow did it as she prepared to star in “Rosemary’s Baby,” and the world loved her change. As women were finding more social freedom, Mia inspired a departure from hair styling that tethered them to hot rollers and piles of bobby pins. The cut’s emphasis on the face frames the features; it is easy to maintain and offers versatile styling options, which gave women the control to portray a character of their making. For a bold new image, a short and geometric shape is a great summer ticket.

Step:  Ask you stylist for a modern version of a Mia Farrow pixie cut. Take this image, or one of Michelle Williams, as an example.

Step: The shape of the cut should have lots of softness, fluidity, and playfulness.

Step: Use hair creme for soft, undone looks. Or use cream wax to dishevel the shape. Or use pomade to define and shine.

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