Michelle Williams

Not so long ago, Michelle Williams was hot-to-trot in Tinsel Town. Lately, we’ve hardly seen her. But when you’re in your 4th campaign for a quintessential French fashion house, you don’t have to get out of bed for anyone but Louis. We adore her platinum blonde hair color. Wearing it in swooshing, swirling sweeps of tousled mussed up messiness, her hairstyle has a sexy, rolled-out-of-bed vibe that suits the modern trend for the perfectly imperfect. If you want to recreate it, click the notes.

Step: The most dramatic platinums come in cool blonde tones like white, silver and mink. These colors are best with pale, porcelain skin. They have a metallic quality and flatter warmer eye colors like green and brown. If you’re more of a neutral blonde, try tones of vanilla or sand. And if you need warmth in the tone, try champagne, pale gold, or peach.

Step: Michelle wears a heavily texturized, razor-cut bob with layers. Razor cutting allows for more texture and taper, which will soften the cut and increase the versatility of your styling options by providing lots of space and freedom for messy, rolled-out-of-bed styles.

Step: For styling, towel-dry hair to damp and apply a handful of cream whip and work through evenly. Allow hair to air dry while occasionally tossing and scrunching with hands to encourage texture. Once hair is more or less dry, pump refinish into the roots to amp texture and volume; use hands to create an artful, deconstructed and messy finish.


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