A couple of years ago Michelle Williams’ pixie cut was the talk of tinsel town, and made her one of the most photographed women in the world. We’ve not seen so much of her lately, but now she’s back with a bang. Lensed for a Louis Vuitton ad campaign, we absolutely adore her platinum blonde hair color. Wearing it with a swooshing side sweep and swirling, mussed up tousle, the style is deliciously imperfect, impossibly beautiful. Paired with an A-line dress, she looks like she was heaven-sent to remind us of the aesthetic beauty of the sixties. Learn about going platinum blonde in the style notes.


Step: If you best suit Warm Blondes, champagne, pale gold, and peach are just a few of the shades at this end of the spectrum. Warm blondes flatter pink tones in the skin and provide a flattering contrast for blue eyes. Warm shades are also the most reflective so they’ll add visual shine.


Step: If Neutral Blonde is the hue for you, vanilla, taupe, and sand are examples of neutral blonde shades. These hues are neither warm nor cool, making them a great choice for a variety of skin tones. These colors bring out the nuances of brown or hazel eyes. They have a more natural look than other blondes.


Step: The most dramatic platinum tones come in Cool Blonde tones like white, silver and mink. These colors are best with pale, porcelain skin. They have a metallic quality and flatter warmer eye colors like green and brown. These hues offer a dramatic, high fashion takes on light hair.

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