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Michelle Williams has made it big. Once she lived up Dawson’s Creek, now she peddles hand bags. Her new gig as the face of Vuitton reinvents her sweet, girl-next-door appeal  with a series of sultry shots. The dark like wine lips and dramatic brows go with a roughed up cropped cut and a dirty blonde hair color to create the look of a boldly flirtatious minx. The hairstyling shows how cropped cuts give creative scope; most of the time she wears her hair soft and sweet and whimsical, but with the right products and some artful tousle, she’s a scarlet women. To learn how, click style notes.

Step: When length is short it’s all about the products you use. For a mussed up matte finish, work texture paste through damp hair, tousle, twist and separate as it air dries.

Step: To create the most contrast, use cream wax. It’s also a great idea to add cream wax to the very ends of any style, creating separation on the ends.

Step: For slept-in looks, push hair creme through the shape for smooth control and a languid finish.

Step: On days two and three, simply use refinish dry shampoo to clean hair without water, remove excess oil –– while adding gritty texture and instant volume.

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