Growing hair out can be tough. When in-between short and long lengths, strands can be difficult to style smoothly down and, when pinned up, they can create nubby ponytails and stumpy braids. Yet this playful shape shows how inventive styling can be cure for hair that ails you. A fun and flirty style that works day or night, it uses the shorter lengths to add a piece-y, disheveled texture with lots of volume. To achieve a similar style, follow the steps in the style notes…

Step: Create a side part and pull hair into a low side ponytail. Apply a mist of holding spray to roots for smoothness and shine.

Step: Apply crème wax to ends for separation. Pull ends up and over the base of the ponytail, fanning out to create a rounded shape.

Step: Using hairpins, attach sections loosely to hair underneath. Backcomb to create more support or volume as needed. Finish with a few spritzes of holding spray.

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