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Mid summer is the perfect time to try out a wild shade you have been dying to wear. When summer is in full swing bright colors are totally acceptable and they go great with golden tans. The extended hours spent outside also help with fading the colors quick, making them less committal. Click the notes for summer shades to try. –– Kelly Rowe

For those who want to fade quick

Go with pinks, peaches, oranges, and lavender. These colors all fade quickly to shades that are more natural or act as toning shades and will eventually neutralize. Stick to semi permanent colors, they are extremely bright at first but fade out almost completely in a few weeks.


For those who want to feel like a mermaid

Want to feel like you came from the sea? You need a blue-green-violet combo. To make this ethereal and truly mermaid like you are going to need a professional to achieve the color melted look. You can get an idea and the perfect formula right here.


For those who want a just a bit of colorful fun

Use hair chalk on damp hair. Applying hair chalk to damp hair will make it stick for about a week. Cleanse hair with daily shampoo twice, remove excess water, and color in sections where you want pops of color while the hair is damp.


By Kelly Rowe. Kelly Rowe is a professional hair stylist in NYC and a regular contributer to Style Noted.

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