Miley Cyrus

With an effortless combination of grunge and glamor, Miley Cyrus captured the mood of the Met Gala, PUNK: From Chaos to Couture. And while perfectly fitting the image, her hair is also an example of the versatility of cropped cuts. The blonde with dark roots makes it aggressively stark, while the cluster of barbed strands round the crown attaches the dramatic aesthetic of the punk rock epoch. But Miley is also able to style her cut sleek and smooth or tousled and undone. For tips to creating punk-inspired spikes, and a variety of other looks with short hair, click style notes.

Step: For Miley’s spikes, towel-dry hair to damp. Generously apply hair gel; use a wide tooth comb to comb it through for even distribution. Now use tail of comb to separate strands into fine spikes, lift vertically, and run a little more gel along each spike until it can stand on its own. When complete, mist liberally with holding spray for support and shine.

Step: Alternative short styles are easy to create. For soft and sexy slept-in looks, push hair creme through hair, scrunch and tousle, and allow to air-dry. To add separation and texture, mix in a dab of texture paste with the hair creme.

Step: For most smoothness and polish and shine, use a dime-size of styling creme with a few drops of shine luxe oil mixed in. Work through hair and blowdry with vent brush or paddle brush.


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