Woman washing her hair

I wash my hair a lot. I am in the gym often which equals swear, and sweat can’t necessarily be refreshed with a dry shampoo. I find myself flying through bottle of shampoo and conditioner which gets extremely pricey. The average bottle of shampoo/conditioner is somewhere between eight and twelve ounces which for me equates to about two and half weeks worth of product if I don’t over use it. I am so tired of re-buying product that I have decided to try something new. Click the notes for more.

I’ve been stretching my product. I am a huge fan of rinse-washing, co-washing, and all that fall in between but none of these could extend my product enough to make a true dent in product usage. I’ve started a 4-day washing system that seems to work wonders.


Day 1: Shampoo, condition, style as usual.

Day 2: Rinse wash, by rinsing hair well with hot water. Massage hair to make sure the water gets through all of your strands. Style with very little product.

Day 3: Shampoo roots only. Make sure the shampoo doesn’t get worked into anymore than 2 inches off the root. Use an extra light leave in conditioner like cream whip to style with.

Day 4: Rinse wash again.


I’ve found that this is the perfect happy medium of shampooing and rinse washing to extend my shampoo to a month and my conditioner to two months. Try it out if you have a very active lifestyle. If you tend to have a quieter day you may be able to nearly double this cleansing system to 8 days.

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