She started a fashion revolution for girls with curvaceous hips, and now voluptuous fashion blogger, Nadia Aboulhosn, is becoming a paragon of hip hairstyles. When we saw her go from a classic long look to a bob to this cool, street tough pixie cut, we asked her to share her thoughts with Style Noted. She went one better, giving us this step by step tutorial of styling her hair to be sexy, funky, and chic. For Nadia’s first hand account, click style notes.
I went from having long, waist-length hair to cutting over 2 feet off, creating a modern bob that ended just short of my jaw line. I got so many complements that I decided, for my next cut, I would take an even bigger risk. I think stepping out of your comfort zone is important. I love reinventing myself, and this pixie cut with an elongated top is my perfect fit for a trendy, retro hairstyle. 
For styling, I start by using texture paste to make the sides and back sleek, with a ruffled matte texture. I use a comb to push it into shape. Then I parted and sectioned the top, giving me the space to put in three hot rollers. When I put in the rollers, I alternate the direction. I roll the hair so there is more volume. After I take the rollers out, I run my fingers through my hair to loosen the curls, so that they look natural. I finish with primp for malleable texture and grip.  –– Nadia Aboulhosn
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