Natalie Portman has always had more of a traveled and continental je ne sais quoi than the average Tinsel Town gal. She’s the perfect muse for this luxurious and elegant hairstyle. A look in which the hair is tucked into a vertical roll down the back of the head, the French Twist is often saved for weddings or special occasions, yet it has such Parisian chic it should be worn more often. Try it for brunch with the girls and be the envy of the table.

Step: Apply Refinish dry shampoo to dry hair to create gritty texture with lots of grip. This added grip will held secure the twist.

Step: Make a side-parting. Brush each side of your hair through to the back.

Step: Gather into your hand the brushed back hair on the parted side –– almost as if you are gathering it into a low ponytail. Twist and hold this piece of hair in place over the back of the center of your head. Make sure to gather in all excess hair.

Step: Take three bobby pins and place in the bottom, middle, and top of this section, thus creating a half twist.

Step: Grab the other side second section with your hand, and take it low and central to the back of your head. Now twist hair upwards, over the top of your half twist, and cup in place with hands. You are cupping the area where you placed your three original bobby pins.

Step: Now take one big hairpin and fix the pin in place. As a guide to how to perfectly place this pin, wherever you need to apply fingertip pressure to hold the second part of your twist in place, is exactly where the hairpin should go. Be sure to catch the top surface of the original folded twist with your pin, and once the pin goes in, sharply twist it back, fixing back on itself in an action much akin to a classic sewing technique.

Step: Use holding spray liberally to secure your French Twist for the day.

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