26e93a94d1c3a0ebb00b31da48c233faWhat is your favorite color? Mine is neon. Ok, it isn’t a color, but pretty much anything that is a neon shade I will go for.  Neon is really trendy right now, but it needs to be done right. Neon accessories, clothes, and now hair are all popular ways to make the trend ar part of your image. Click the notes for tips on how to get hair that pops. –– Kelly Rowe 

Pre-Lighten to Get True Neon.

To get the impact of neon, hair has to be very light to start with. If you don’t lift to a light enough shade you are going to be left with a muddy color that has no effect of neon and all the effect of a mistake.

Use Color That Will Not Oxidize.

Non-oxidative color is the best choice when you want to maintain vibrancy, which is the essential ingredient in neon tones. Colors that you normally have applied in the salon are oxidative, which causes the color to change tones. Non-oxidatives will fade but will not change tones. Goldwell Elumen is the way to go for neons.

Pick a Pattern.

Work with you colorist to come up with a pattern for the color. The color will have the most impact by being beautifully blended with your natural. Less is more in this case. If you like the idea of seeing brightness when the wind blows, keep neon under a veil of hair and in a semi circle highlight pattern around your ear.

Be Smart With Your Color Choice.

Pink, purple, orange, and yellow will be easiest to remove; blue and green will be the hardest. Be honest with yourself, if you don’t have the patience to take the time to have it removed or you like to change the color often stay away from blue and green.

By Kelly Rowe. Kelly Rowe is a professional hair stylist in NYC and a regular contributer to Style Noted.

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