With the rustle of autumn leaves soon upon us, most women and girls like a refreshing new look for fall. One of the most striking and invigorating ways to make a change is to try a different hair color. So we asked celebrity stylist, Nick Arrojo, to talk us through the most popular palettes. After presenting Blondes and Bleach Blondes  and Fiery Redheads over the past two weeks, here he completes his exposition with a look at the all earthy, all natural, beautiful brunettes…

Brunette is such a popular palette because brown hair always seems to look thick and glossy, healthy and happy. And almost all color tones can be used on natural brunettes with excellent results. 

In my experience brunettes get their best results by going a shade or two lighter than their natural color. It seems to add an extra dab of warmth, richness, and luster. Great options include caramels, chestnuts, and light coffee browns, which all add depth, shimmer, and shine. 

Highlights are a great way to put ribbons of lightness into brown hair. Go for soft blonde or light gold highlights – both will provide a glittering contrast to your natural brown hue. 

After 4-to-6 weeks, a new color will begin to fade. If you want to keep the same dynamic hue, go for a redo to keep your color looking gorgeous.  

You can preserve the life of your tone in a few different ways: Switch to color save shampoo and conditioner to maintain brightness. Wet shampoo less off and use dry shampoo instead –– like dry cleaning your red silk dress, this is a great way to avoid color stripping. And use styling products that have UV protection for hair. 


Special thanks to Nick Arrojo for sharing his insights with style noted.

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