With regard to styling hair, one of the biggest debates surrounds what to do with naturally curly tresses. Some of the myths grew so big that nowadays we even have salons that only cut curly locks, which suggests dealing with texture is a separate skill. It’s not. It just requires a refined approach. So last week we asked pioneering hairstylist Nick Arrojo to share some thoughts for successfully styling curls at home. His wet-set technique was an easy-to-do revelation, yet required the time to let hair air dry. What if, we wondered, it needed to be done faster. The answer is the diffuser. Read on to see what Nick had to say about that…

— A diffuser is a simple $20-30 attachment you can clip onto your blow dryer; it’s a great tool for encouraging curl. Simply, the air of a blow dryer blows curly hair around too much and disturbs the curl formation. That’s why, if you’re looking to control your natural curl, the ‘wet set’ technique is better than using a blow dryer. 

— But for a speedier finish, you can use a diffuser. The diffuser takes away the air of a blow dryer but keeps the heat; it dries curly hair without blowing on it, using the heat to lock the curl in place. If you have some curl and want to accentuate this look, a diffuser is definitely a great way to go because it helps texture lift and expand, especially when aided by product.   

— Start by applying product to damp, towel-dried hair. If you have a loose curl formation –– more wavy than curly –– use curl enhancer to add shapely spring. If you have unruly curls, use curl control to tame frizz, add polish and sheen. And if you have really curly hair that requires hold and definition, use curl definer. Whatever your curl type, remember to use a wide-tooth comb to comb product through for even distribution. 

— Now, instead of having to squeeze your hair every 15 minutes, simply attach and use your diffuser. You want to try and get to your roots first because ends are finer hair strands, drying much faster as a consequence. If you dry the ends first and then try to get at your roots you’ll end up over-drying your ends. Hang your head over, letting your hair fall downwards to the floor, and place the diffuser as close to the roots as possible, remembering to gently rotate around your head. Never hold your diffuser still. This will give too much heat in one place. Rotate and move, up and down, left and right. 

— Once dry, shake hair, ruffle roots, and enjoy soft and flouncy, beautiful curls. 

Special Thanks to Nick Arrojo for Sharing his Expertise with Style Noted. 

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