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From thick, unmanageable locks to out of control curls, celebrity stylist, Nick Arrojo, has encountered all kinds of problem hair in his 30+ year career. So for this week’s column, we asked him to talk about dealing with the one problem all women seem to suffer from –– frizz. For his personal insights, tips and tricks, click style notes.

— When hair is frizzy, it normally occurs in hair that is very dry and/or very curly and/or very thick and coarse. It’s also common in grey hair, as as hair ages, the texture grows increasingly coarse and frizzy. But however you have developed frizz, your main difficulty will be managing your hair from day to day because even moisture-based leave-in conditioners or curl and styling crèmes are likely to leave the hair dry, frizzy, and harder to style.

— Your number one priority should be to get the right haircut. Any cut that is short to mid-length with a good solid shape suits frizzy (either curly, straight, or grey) hair well. These cuts won’t alter your hair texture, but strong, shorter shapes will get you looking polished and pulled together, and controlling frizz will be much more manageable, making your styling quick and simple.

—  A silicone based defrizz serum should become your best friend. If you’re curly and frizzy, use the smoothing properties of silicone along with a moisture-based styling or curl crème to lock in curls without the dryness and without the frizz. If you’re hair is straighter, and you still get frizzies –– or have grey hair with frizz –– I recommend using a defrizz serum with a creme-based frizz control. Alternatively, the newer-to-market, precious oil-based products are so rich and moisturizing, yet lightweight, that they work with all types of textures. They are more expensive, but more effective, too.

— For extremely dry frizzy hair, I’ve yet to see any new-fangled trick or product work as brilliantly as this effective technique:  Once-a-week pack a hairnet with a light leave-in conditioner. Use three-to-four times more product  than normal and put the hairnet over your wet to damp hair for 10 minutes. This is a great way to lock-in the moisture-giving benefits of the product into the hair shaft for added support. After 10 minutes take off your hairnet, but avoid the temptation to rinse the product out; instead, leave-it-in. Your hair will be richly moisturized, soft, smooth, shiny, and have more malleability. Making it much easier for you to style. You can even add a little styling crème into the hairnet mix, which will give your hair added textural support for styling.

Special Thanks to Nick Arrojo for Sharing his Expertise with Style Noted 

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