What if you’ve got curly hair and would love to wear lush, healthy, flouncy ringlets without the frizz natural curls can create? For Nick’s Arrojo’s personal tips and tricks, click style notes.

I like to naturally ‘wet set’ curly hair –– it’s the best way to get the bounce and volume that makes curls special.

— You need a two product cocktail, although the products differ depending on hair density. 

— If you’re hair is fine, use a body-building volume foam first, and then a lightweight curl enhancer. If your hair is medium to thick or slightly coarse, use a curl definer first, followed by a few drops of defrizz serum on the ends. 

— Apply products and comb hair with a wide-tooth-comb to undo any knots in your hair and aid even distribution of the products, thereby ensuring curls get their maximum performance benefits.

— Tip hair forward, so it’s hanging to the ground. Gently cup and scrunch and squeeze curls, like you are massaging a stress ball. Don’t be temped to freely run your fingers through hair — this disturbs curls, induces frizz. Just remember: cup, squeeze, scrunch; cup, squeeze, scrunch, cup, squeeze, scrunch. 

— Repeat for 10-15 minutes, then leave hair to dry. Once dry, use fingers to very gently tousle and ruffle the roots. This softens the curl formation. 

— Don’t stress about making curls too perfect; curls are meant to fall imperfectly, it’s part of their charm. Enjoy the individuality and freedom of textured tresses. 

Special Thanks to Nick’s Arrojo, owner & founder of ARROJO NYC, for sharing his expertise with Style Noted. 

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