Beautiful blonde woman with long, healthy and shiny hair.

October is the perfect month to pump up your look with some mermaid tresses. As temperatures cool down extensions are more practical. Extensions can cause you to get extra warm so cool weather is essential. Right now best time to invest in fusion bond extensions and get the most for your money, so click the notes to see why. –– Kelly Rowe 

They will last anywhere from 3-5 months. This will get you through the holidays and possibly all the way till March. The time that they last is determined on how often you shampoo and style, and how you care for them. Cooler months mean you will be shampooing less, which means they will stay in better shape for longer.

They will be something new and fun without have to cut your hair. A lot of the time as the seasons change to the colder ones you may find yourself wanting a change; this normally falls in the range of a haircut. Extensions give you the option to preserve your hair all winter and still have a whole new look.

They are great for styling sessions.  When you have fusion bond extensions they essentially function like your normal hair. This means you don’t have to do much more than add a few curls and you instantly have some bombshell appeal. In the fall and winter when you are styling more this is going to be ideal and save you time when you don’t have to use clip ins or tape ins.

By Kelly Rowe. Kelly Rowe is a professional hair stylist in NYC and a regular contributer to Style Noted.  

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