There’s nothing more classic than a simple ponytail, which is why we love seeing twists on this standard style. Olivia Wilde added some pizzazz to her ponytail by creating a banded style with plenty of volume. Paired with her deep-set bangs, the look is still classy, but it has a fun, fresh quality. For ladies with long hair like Olivia’s, this is a great, simple way to jazz up those long locks.

Step: Towel dry hair to damp.

Step: Separate bangs with a comb, then mist with set and style spray. Blowdry straight down for sleek, smooth bangs.

Step: Mist the rest of the hair with set and style spray, then blowdry, using your hands to create volume.

Step: Pull hair back and gather into a high ponytail. Secure with an elastic.

Step: To create the banded effect, place a clear elastic every 1 inch down the ponytail. Then gently pull out each section a bit to get more body.

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