We’ve seen and heard a lot about pastel-gelato shades over spring and summer –– in fashion, beauty and style, it is a burning color trend. Many thought that as winter approached the tone of tresses would return back to their darker roots, as they typically do, because more muted colors are usually better as our complexions pale. Candy-coats, however, show no sign of abating, and if you get the makeup palette right, you can make it work this winter. This is a vanguard look because it combines this bold color trend with a new way to ombre –– in reverse. Instead of dark to light, this is light to dark.  Starting out as a light pale rose, it merges into a stronger shade of candy pink, creating a whimsical shimmering effect. Click through style notes for tips on achieving and maintaining this amazing tone.

Step:  With modern innovations in color technology, once you have a clear blonde base to work with, the color choice is open –– you have effectively created a blank canvas. Now various shades of candy coats, ombres, and other dip dyes can be applied to your heart’s content. Usually, the colorist will use a creative glazing technique to find your desired hue.

Step: To make sure you get a suitable shade, talk to your colorist about your complexion, wardrobe, makeup palette, and lifestyle.

Step: New shine luxe shampoo and conditioner is a new standard for caring for colored strands. Sulfate and paraben free, with opulent oils providing shine, they are extra nourishing for lightened hair.


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