on personal style

Last week I took a spontaneous flight from Kennedy to LAX. I left New York’s frigid chill wearing city essentials like a big cashmere scarf, structured jacket, ballet flats, and a chignon. I arrived to a sun in the seventies and I suddenly felt self-conscious. My clothes were too formal; hair too done. The girls in LA weren’t tailored, they were Lauren Conrad types, decked out in a tiered skirt, flat sandals, and wavy unwashed hair. To me my look was nonchalant but the girls I observed donned extreme unconcerned style––they were amazing. I thought to myself, how can I channel this same attitude? To find out, click through to style notes. –– Michelle Rotbart

To give myself a Californian vibe, I changed my outfit from jacket and flats to an airy (still black) maxi-dress and wedge sandals. I threw on additional delicate gold jewelry and whipped out a petite purse. I let my hair down and casually tousled it from the underneath, spraying in Refinish dry shampoo from roots to ends (I had sent the super styler to my friend before leaving the east coast for just this sort of occasion). It was a simple switch yet an effective one, a look I could easily wear in New York once it got warmer. I felt more at ease and was ready to take on LALA Land. My visit to the west coast was a good lesson on personal style. No matter where you are, having a great look means you’re confident, independent, and always yourself.


Special Thanks to Michelle Rotbart for this post. Michelle is a professional trend forecaster based in New York City.

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