This dark to light caramel ombre with long layers and beautiful bangs is casual, trendy, and street. Looks like this are great for girls about town because you can spend the time to create something special, or style naturally and still look amazing. For special interest with minimum effort, try scrunching the ends as they dry –– creating that tousled, textured beachy waves effect.

Step: Start by blowdrying the bangs straight so you know they are in perfect position. Blowdry on high heat using a tiny amount of Defrizz Serum to create silkiness, and a beautiful accent to eyes.

Step: Apply Hair Creme from roots to ends of damp hair. Rough dry to about 70% dry using fingers to push the hair around to create some texture and movement.

Step: Apply Defrizz Serum along the mid-shaft to the ends of the side and back sections. Blowdry on high heat to 95% dry.

Step: Create more interest on the ends by applying a dab of hair creme. Scrunch these ends with fingers and rough blowdry them into that wavy, layered, beachy effect you see in the picture.

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