Wow! What a wonderful example of creating perfect face-framing shape with a dramatic one-length cut. This type of style elongates features like cheekbones and chin, while vivid, center-part bangs portray a powerful, polished woman. The whitish-ash blonde color tone adds vibrancy, texture, depth, and contrast.

Step: Wash or rinse hair and create a center-parting with a comb.

Step: One-length looks need to be super smooth. To create smoothness, apply Defrizz Serum from the mid-shaft to the ends of damp hair.

Step: From roots to ends, blowdry with flat paddle brush.

Step: When hair is 80% dry, apply Hair Cremefrom roots to ends. Continue to blowdry as before.

Step: The serum eliminates frizz and presses hair flat, while hair crème’s versatility is used to smooth-out and polish-up the look. Focus on these details as you complete the blowdry.

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