flower crown

Festival season continues this weekend with Electric Daisy Carnival in New York, and no festival, especially one with a flower in the name would be complete without a flower crown to top off your outfit. While many people will be wearing ones they bought, you can make your own and make it stand out from the rest. Click the notes for how to do it. –– Kelly Rowe

What You Will Need

Lots of faux flowers from a craft or garden store.

Heavy-duty craft wire


Electrical tape of whatever color you feel matches your flowers best.

Sewing needle and thread


Step: Measure around your head with the wire 3 times so it is triple the thickness and strength, then cut. Repeat the process for a separate second wire fitting around your head.

Step: Wrap each separate wire crown in electrical tape so no wire is exposed.

Step: Clip the stems off the fake flowers.

Step: Using a sewing needle and thread, push through the center of each flower, then back through the back, then once again through the center, so you have created a strong stich through the middle of the flower. Now, wrap the thread around one of the wire fittings three times. Next, continuing with the thread you have started, stitch through another flower and wrap to wire fitting. Continue this process with flowers until 1 whole wire fitting is covered. Do the same with the other wire fitting.

Step: Put the two flower crowns together. Using your craft wire, wrap the two crowns together so they are secure.

Step: Wear your hair loose and keep makeup minimal to let your huge crown shine.


By Kelly Rowe. Kelly Rowe is a professional hair stylist in NYC and a regular contributor to Style Noted.

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