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I love bangs and I’m always happy when the thick ones are on trend. But as a long-time bang lover, I know this particular style comes with some challenges, especially when it comes to wearing your hair up. A blunt fringe negates the possibility of wispy edges or face framing tendrils. The strong line of a full bang can give the right updos a cool, contemporary edge, but on the wrong look it can feel blocky and awkward. Click the notes to find out which styles pair best with a strong fringe. ––  Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →



So let’s talk about hair masks. For all we put our locks through—color processing, heat styling, primping and curling—our hair needs love and affection and care.  Hair masks are an easy step in your haircare routine to nourish your tendrils at home and restore their vitality and luster. But hair masks involve more than just slapping some goop on your head and washing it out minutes later. You need to master a few techniques or you could end up with hair that is weighed-down and over-conditioned. So after some research and consultation with hair gurus I came up with a few best practices to help get you the hair of your dreams. Click through to the notes for the know-how. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →

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I’m turning 35 soon, and as I cross over into the latter half of my thirties, I’m looking back at how I’ve evolved and changed. When it comes to my style, one word sums it up: simplified. When I was younger I loved color, sparkle, nail art, and mixing patterns. My hair was usually short, always multi-colored, and often complexly styled. As I’ve gotten older I’ve simplified. This doesn’t mean I’ve gotten boring. I still love bold vintage pieces, bright shoes, strong haircuts. But I enjoy cleaner lines, understated complexity, a softer finish. That’s probably why I’m loving this look. It’s polished, but not stiff, easy to create and interesting without being fussy. The technique is just a slight variation on the french braid. Get step-by-step instructions in the style notes. —Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →


Image: Longchamp Spring/Summer ’16 by Peter Lindbergh

Alexa Chung is the face of Longchamp for another ad campaign. In this picture for their latest collaboration, Alexa brings New York fierce to the French fashion house. Though the jacket and the bag are hard to miss, we think the tousled bob steals the shot. Dancing imperfectly around her cheekbones and chin, and framing her eyes exquisitely, the style feels young and fresh, sumptuous and sophisticated. For tips on getting and styling a tousled bob, click notes. Click for StyleNotes →


Image: Tyrone Lebon

Pulling their panties up quick this year, the Calvin Klein brand recently released their spring/summer ad campaign. Melisa Goldie, CMO of Calvin Klein Inc, says the idea is to “create content that sparks and drives cultural conversation.” Bear witness, then, to Kendell Jenner and a bevy of beauties rolling round in their underwear. The thought-provoking shots employ the #mycalvins slogan with the call to action “I _________ in #mycalvins”. Dare to dream, folks.  Click for StyleNotes →