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No longer are we bound to the poker-straight styles that were so popular just a decade or so ago. These days, natural texture is the way to go. If you wash your hair and let it air dry and it has any kind of wave or curl in it, you can use that texture to create loose, easy-going styles with sexy tousle and flow. Learn the seven steps to heavenly curls in the notes.  Click for StyleNotes →

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Vibrant reds are a gorgeous choice for fall and winter, but if you like dimension they can present some challenges. Finding a highlight color that pairs well with rich red-violet is nearly impossible. But there’s a better way: create dimension first, then glaze with a translucent, monochrome hue. The resulting color has variation that looks like light and shadow instead of obvious highlights. Click the notes for tips on creating the effect and professional formulas. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

glitter roots

If rainbow or opal hair isn’t statement-making enough for you, the newest hair craze will certainly give you a dazzling look. Last week, the internet flared-up with images of people experimenting with the latest hair trend—glitter roots. The sparkling style involves adding sprinklings of glitter or an explosion of sparkles to the roots for a shining look. While this could be a definite do for the holidays, I’m not sure it’s something for everyday. Glitter could be a serious struggle to cleanup and you’ll be finding it in your strands for weeks. But if you’re daring enough to go for it, grab some sparkles and pomade or gel ( it will help the sparkles stick ) and click through to style notes to see more glitter root inspiration. –– Michelle Rotbart

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All four of the hair colors above could be described as “red” or “copper” but beyond that, it’s hard to differentiate verbally between the different shades. Sure most people can see the differences, but how do you describe them? You could call the top right color “bright copper” but then you might end up with the hue pictured top left. Some people might see the lower left shade as “natural” while others might argue for the lower right. Language is subjective and confusing. Pictures are much clearer. Learn how to communicate with photos to get your perfect hair color in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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