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With Summer winding down and Fall around the corner, its time to HEAL THAT HAIR! If your hair is limp & stringy or simply dull with a loss of natural shine, Healing Oil is for you. Filled with precious oils, no silicones, parabens or sulfates, it nourishes damaged hair, boosts shape and contains sunscreen for further hair protection.

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Steeped in tradition and meaning, the flower crown is a timeless and popular accessory, remaining fresh and in bloom from ancient Greece to Beyonce. As seen on the newsstand, Flower Crowns are back in Vogue. Yet to take the trend on for yourself, it may be better to look to Frieda Kahlo than Queen Bey. While the later manages an impressive amount of flowers on her head, the former’s pretty weaves of plaits, ribbons and flowers are simple yet bohemian, practical and beautiful. Pick some flowers from your garden and click notes to give Frieda’s iconic flower crown a go. Click for StyleNotes →