Who doesn’t adore a ponytail. The gateway to all updos, great for day or night, versatile and easy to do, ponytails offer all kinds of styling options. You can wear them high for attention-grabbing drama, you can wear them low for sophistication and class, you can wear them sleek or disheveled, you can put them on the side to be super-trendy, and, like Lauren Conrad (see style notes), you can even dip-dye the ends to create a two or more tone pony. For inspirational celebrity ponytail images, and tips on creating perfect ponytails, click style notes.   Click for StyleNotes →


In this image, Sienna Miller eschews her archetypal golden blonde multidimensional highlights in favor of darker, more sophisticated color using lowlights. Highlights are probably the most popular in-salon color service because the dynamic, all-over gloss and sheen never fails to leave clients thrilled. Yet these lowlights offer delicious of ribbons of caramel and honey, adding depth, dimension, and the illusion of thickness to her haircut. For a look at the features and benefits of lowlights, as opposed to highlights, click style notes.

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We love this look because it comes with vibrant shine, healthy glow –– two things that should never be underestimated in hairstyles. The dark chocolate brown is bold, intense and rich, with scintillating brilliance. The long length with layers and side-part is a feminine classic, encouraging eyes to drift over her own peepers, and down to cheekbones and chin. For tips on shaping this look, click style notes.

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The trend started last year, and now classically feminine long layer cuts with bombshell center-partings are on the bleeding edge of the vanguard. You can even incorporate a contemporary version of an ombre by going, like this model, from dirty blonde at the roots, to more of a honeycomb tone on the ends. This will help you to create depth and dimension. A natural wave adds the deconstructed feeling that makes this style special, but anyone can put texture on the ends with playful hair scrunching, or a few turns of an iron or wand. For tips to styling long hair like this, click style notes.

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These styles combine crimped texture with classic shapes for the perfect blend of the old and the new. The resulting styles are equal parts soft and dramatic, both avant garde and wearable. Crimped texture is making a comeback, giving hair a low-sheen fluffiness that provides a floaty feather-like feeling. The ruffled hair is easy to pin, holds long-lasting volume, and can be effortlessly sculpted and swept into a variety of shapes. Click the style notes for tips on getting the texture and using it in your favorite styles. –– Laura Martin 

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