Paris Hilton is cheeky, whimsical and beautiful in the picture; her hairstyle is doing so much for her. Two things must be noted. First, on trend celebrities, bloggers and fashionistas often shave one side of their hairstyle to create an avant-garde, dramatic, short to long asymmetrical look (look here for reference).  Feminine Paris is not likely to do that, however, in lieu, she’s created a vertical side braid that has the same effect, and with more shabby chic appeal. The second thing to note is the wonderful whimsy of the cascading spirals draping artfully down her back.

Step: Apply set and style spray to damp hair and blast dry while pushing hair around.

Step: Create a side part. Sweep the short side to the back. Use a little hair gel if it needs hold.

Step: Separate a one-to-two inch strand from the front portion of the short side. Spit this strand in two. Now create a simple, tight braid by working the two stands over and under each other to form an entwine. Pin behind ear.

Step: Mist back sections with thermal protector.

Step: Use a small barrel –– between 1 and 1 and half inches –– curling iron to create spirals, like Paris. It’s simple. Wind small sections of hair onto iron, hold for fifteen seconds; unwind and release. Repeat where necessary.

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