Pastel and gelato colors are great for spring and summer as they are the perfect way to update a blonde look, depending on your mood, favorite color, or wardrobe. The big benefit with these colors is that they wash out, which means you can experiment with a whole rainbow of shades and effects. This dusty, candy pink shade looks chic as it compliments the way the girl dresses, and gives her a doll-like innocent allure. Accessorize with a ribbon to keep nags off your face in the warmer weather, or to make a match with your outfit.

Step: If you want to try this new wave of candy-coated color, but are a bit afraid of the commitment, a good idea is to start by dip-dyeing the ends only. If you feel good about pastel gelato on the ends, you know you can try a full-head more confidently.

Step: For the all-over shade, ask your professional colorist to pre-lighten hair first, then tone to your favorite color of candy.

Step: These colors wash out easily, so experiment with different shades throughout the summer.

Step: If you fall in love with a particular candy-coat, I recommend dry-cleaning to preserve the tone. Just as you would dry clean a silk print shirt to preserve its vibrancy, using Refinish dry shampoo cleans hair without the stripping effect of water and suds.

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