To share another option when coloring hair, we felt compelled to feature this peekaboo red. As can be seen, a luscious, multi-dimensional dark chocolate brown is accented with bold and dynamic blocks of red that also accentuates the shape of the rounded cut.  Technically this is called ‘slicing.’ The principle is to take a full panel of hair and color it a different shade from the single process. It’s a strong statement of color, hip and cool. If highlights or ombre have become to commercial for you, hold your hue up high with a slice of the avant-garde.


Step 1: Ask your colorist for a full panel of hair to be colored in a different shade to your all over tone.

Step 2: Think about colors with nice contrast — black and red, cool and warm, etc

Step 3: To keep it up, salon touch ups will be required at 8-10 week intervals

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