It’s fun to work alongside the talented people of ARROJO NYC. We get to see beauty transformations take place, we get to see trends take off. Just this week www.pickie.com beauty editor, the charming Vicki Chan, came to ARROJO dreaming of “undertones of rich copper, and fine gold and amber threads fading into a deep, full-bodied purple.” We liked the autumnal sound of that; and the results –– a multi-tonal combination of copper and deep red with pops of purple shining through –– were so terrifically trendy and beautiful, we feel sure this ombre’d shade is going to be one of the most desired of the season. Happily, both Vicki and her colorist, Amberhave shared their thoughts with us. To read about their process, click style notes… 

Vicki: First, Amber painted my hair with bleach to lighten it a bit — ensuring that my foliage-themed dye job would really pop. She started a few thin streaks at my roots, and threaded a tiny bit of bleach through my bangs, before adding wider deposits midway down my hair, with the most bleach concentrated at the ends. Next, Amber dyed my strands a rich copper shade, before shampooing it and applying a matching gloss to eliminate any brassy yellow tones. She then brought out a trio of colors — more copper, paired with red and wine tones — which she married together in a single process treatment. 

Amber: Everyone has been asking for these reddish hues this season—from business women in their mid-30’s to fashionistas. People are becoming more and more okay with being high-maintenance with their hair, and more creative colors and hues are becoming more socially acceptable and the norm.

Special Thanks to Vicki Chan and www.pickie.com for sharing their work with Style Noted. To see the full original feature on pickie.com, pleaseclick here

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