Ginnifer Goodwin is famed for her short, choppy, and oh-so-cute pixie cut. The hair has actually been undercut, which is a trend that came to prominence last summer, and still has legs because it’s a great way to create space and freedom for hair to move. The  short style brings out all the features in Ginnifer’s sweet, doll-like face, while broken up side bangs filter beautifully into eyes.

Step: Don’t forget, for styling, short looks offer the most freedom to be creative –– whether you want to be messy, slick or tousled, it’s easy to achieve with elfin hair.

Step: To style like Ginnifer, use texture paste to muss, piece and separate the shape. Pay special attention to draping bangs beautifully across eyes.

Step: To slick, push hair gel through hair, front to back.

Step: For a lived-in look with a soft matte finish, switch to cream wax. Or, if it is control and shine you crave, use pomade.

Step: Most important, have fun playing with different shapes, styles, and textures.

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