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Taken behind the scenes at ARROJO Expo, an inspirational New York City hair show showing future trends to professionals, this style is part of a collection titled Cosmic-POP. Inspired by the iconic aesthetics of pop art and glam rock, Cosmic-Pop uses a mash up of contemporary hairdressing trends and techniques to create a loud, colorful, punchy look. If you want a similarly graphic and bold style, learn about the pioneering way this style was created in the notes.

Step: This bob with full fringe was cut with a straight edge razor. By removing weight and length together (shears only remove one at a time), razor cuts enable more texture, taper, and separation, which in turn encourages natural-looking, artfully disheveled finishes.

Step: From a blonde base the incredible punchy and graphic purple was created using the vanguard art of air brushing, which uses compressed air to apply color in tailored gradients, creating light intensity and illumination that drifts with the shape of the style. The technique enables even more creative color creations and placements.

Step: For styling, use hair creme as a texture and moisture giving base then apply wave mist liberally throughout the style. Scrunch, twist and tousle hair from the underneath intermittently as it air dries, encouraging a natural, perfectly imperfect texture to take shape.


Hair: The ARROJO Artistic Team


Image: Serichai Traipoom

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