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Trends are a fickle thing. You think green hair is the coolest and then Rihanna and Katy Perry go and post pictures of blue hair on Instagram and, wham, there’s a new style du jour. But if you pay close attention, there are always new emerging themes coming from the top end of fashion and beauty. In lieu of fixing our ADD, we asked Zach Norman, leading colorist at ARROJO Studio Williamsburg (i.e., the world’s hippest location) for his hair color trend predictions for the coming year. Beat the hoi polloi in the notes.

All Answers Provided by Zach Norman, Lead Colorist at ARROJO Studio Williamsburg 

What hair color trends are you most excited for in 2016?

After many seasons of wild hair colors—ombre, pastel, sand art, rainbow—things are changing in 2016. Colors are getting softer and so are placements. There’s a resurgence of traditional highlights and single process shades, and we’re seeing the bright hues that once covered the head mixing with natural shades to create understated effects. This is going to lead to a wave of colors that could be termed as ‘murky pastel.’ Think of a neutral ash-brown base highlighted with bits of soft pastel creating an effect that is  grungy, muted, and muddy, as if all those bright shades have been blended and blurred together.

What hair color do you think suits everyone?

No one color suits everyone because there are too many variables –– complexion, wardrobe, makeup palette, commitment to after care, to name the most obvious. Additionally, if you’ve had hair color before –– even years before –– it will have an effect the outcome of any newly applied hair color.

The only hair color that suits everyone is the hair color they were born with –– each individual’s natural hair color. Otherwise, consult with your colorist on the best and most fashionable tones for you.

What hair color trends should be avoided in 2016? 

As noted above, classic coloring is going to become popular again in 2016; conversely, however, there is an emerging trend to make a statement by making the hair more like a piece of art. Prominent among these trends is pixilated hair color. Although pixilated colors can look truly amazing, artistic and beautiful, as soon as one hair (of 100,000+) falls out of place the whole ‘pixilated’ look fails, and just looks like a messy, badly applied stencil. Pixel color is great for one moment in time, not so much for a blustery day in the city.

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