Fall really begins when the sun crosses the plane of the earth’s equator (September 22nd to the lay person), but Labor Day is the symbolic end of summer; the weekend when we get out the barbecues and the whites one last time. If this sounds something like you, and you love romantic bohemian styles, an easy messy pony inspired by Blake Lively should be your perfect Labor Day ‘do. For our tips on making it yours, click style notes.

Step: Leave hair unwashed; this is better for the lived-in feel of this look.

Step: Pulse in layers of refinish dry shampoo and use a blowdryer to blow hair to through to the back, while using hands to tousle and texturize.

Step: Gather hair in a big, loose ponytail shape. Separate a chunky section of hair off of the main pony; use this hair in lieu of elastic. Wrap it round the pony for an organic tie. Add a dab of texture paste to the pony if you want to make it even more textural.

Step: Mist finished style with dry shampoo to amp up body, texture and grit.

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