Cheryl Fazio , senior stylist and updo specialist at ARROJO studio, NYC, is prepping for New York Fashion Week show styling, and Style Noted is at the vanity table. Yesterday Cheryl played around with some double knots, an artful way to keep all hair up, yet retain lived-in, shabby chic appeal. This simple knot-knot is something anyone can do. Check Cheryl’s style notes for the professional scoop…

Step: A gritty texture is best for disheveled looks. So to prep, pulse refinish dry shampoo into dry hair, giving a little more at the roots. Shake and tousle out with hands.

Step: Split hair down the center in the back and twist both sides away from your face.

Step: Tie into a knot.

Step: Tie another knot on top of the one just created.

Step: Pin using bobbi pins.

Step: Pin any remaining pieces that are sticking out of the updo. Hide the pins in the shape.

Step: Shake out front to keep a loose feel.


Special thanks to Cheryl Fazio for sharing her how-to and images with style noted. 

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