Rachel Bilson is a modern muse for fabulous hairstyles. From The Heart of Dixie to the street, we’ve seen wonderful waves, brilliant braids, and oh-my-God ombre. Still, there is something lovely and comely about this layered style with a natural, wash and wear finish. She’s got the perfect profile to support a dead-center center-part (most would do better by off-setting slightly to one side) while creating a great face-frame. The soft caramel ombre adds magic on the ends.

Step: Towel-dry hair to damp. Cocktail styling whip and volume foam in palms and apply roots to ends.

Step: Hand dry hair. Blowdry on high heat while pushing the hair around with fingers and hands. Toss hair from side to side, up and down, lift it off the root.

Step: Create a center-parting with a comb. Unless you are confident in your flawless profile, set it slightly to the side.

Step: Use a large barrel curling iron to create very soft ‘C’ shapes on the ends. If you have ombre color, spotlight the graduation of color with the change of texture.

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