The pictured image shows off some glorious, luxurious waves. Since the keratin-straight trend of the 90s, styles like these have become increasingly popular and today they are on the vanguard of fashion and beauty trends. Even if you only have a tiny bit of natural wave in your hair, you can recreate a look like this. Learn how in the notes. 

Step 1: After washing hair with gentle shampoo and conditioner, apply a mixture of curl enhancer and volume foam to damp hair. Make sure to distribute the products evenly through strands, working from roots to ends.

Step 2 for Wavy & Curly Types: If you already have naturally wavy texture and curls, gently cup and squeeze hair from ends to roots. Repeat until hair is dry. Curls will be beautifully formed. You can also blow-dry with a diffuser. Once hair is dry, spray with primp for hold and tousle curls to one side.

Step 2 for Straighter Strands: For straighter haired gals, spray in protective thickening lotion and use a curling wand to create curls and waves. Wind locks away from the face for a bouncy, flowing look; or, for more natural-looking movement, alternate the direction back and forth.

Step 4: Once hair is curled, spray in healing oil to boost the shape and form of your new curls. Tousle hair for a perfectly imperfect finish.

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