Using innovative, technical foil patterns and freestyle hair painting to bring the abstractions of ombre into harmonized, admix colors, colorists are now reinventing celebrity dip dyes, creating recycled and blended colors that are more natural, more polished. Here we see Hilary Duff embracing a singular blonde shade just a few months after being a brown to blonde ombre aficionado. Our tips: If you are into ombre, keep it subtle, and plan to transition to a more natural one-tone shade by the fall. Ombre works great with beach-wave inspired styles as the graduation of color helps to spotlight the change in texture, so it’s still a good option for summer.

Step: Talk to your stylist about the best way to transition out of ombre. Go for a natural transition. Tailored hair painting is a great way to go from two-tone to one-tone.

Step: Switch to color save shampoo and conditioner to preserve color and shine in new tones.

Step: Place a few drops of shine spray onto newly colored styles. Shine spray provides refractive shine, helping colors glisten.

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