This gorgeous chestnut brown single process color captures the wonder of winter beauty trends. The long-length cut with minimal layering is a great example of the glamour of voluminous tresses, created with a blowdry or hot roller set. Reminiscent of the 1940s, with a creative modern twist, it works day or night.

Step: On wet hair, apply Set & Style Spray from roots to ends and defrizz serum from the mid-shafts to the ends.

Step: If setting by blowdry, use large round brush to wrap sections into rolls and pin in place. Alternatively, use hot rollers.

Step: Once set is dry, use your blowdryer to apply some cool air. This strengthens the set.

Step: Release pins or unwind rollers. Brush out the set using flat brush. Focus on creating waves with smoothness.

Step: Finish and smooth with a touch of Hair Gel for extra hold and structure. Create a romantic flowing shape. Use pins if you need to fix hair away from the face.

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