Dita Von Teese dazzles the Oscar parties with this 40s-inspired romantic shoulder-length.  A brushed out set with a deep, stylistic side-part, we love the timeless beauty and grace of looks like these. This is not the first shiny jet black color we’ve seen recently ––  it’s a great way to add drama to style.

Step: Roller set hair if there is time, and/or if it needs to last a few days. Alternatively, quick-set using curling iron. For the second option, apply Thermal Protector and Set & Style Spray to damp, towel-dried hair.

Step: Now use a large barrel curling iron to create curls. Wind large sections of hair along the barrel, hold for ten seconds, release, and pin curl. Complete this action anywhere the cascading motion is desired.

Step: Release pins and brush out the set till it takes a cascading, waterfall effect. Create a deep set side-part. On the long side, grab hair, place behind ear, pin in place.

Step: The opposite, shorter side (the side featured in the picture) can be tucked, not pinned, behind the ear, with the length creating the billowing, wavy motion that defines the style.

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