No more than a week after our esteemed blogger, Laura Martin, boldly predicted that the 80s are back does Rihanna step out in a look so 80s that we feel like putting Whitney’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” on the walkman and bounce that curly pony like we just don’t care. We can’t get you the Vivienne Westwood dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, or the Mikimot Jewelry Ri-Ri wore for her fragrance launch, but this hairstyle is right up our alley. Learn how to create it in the notes.

Step: If you have straight strands (the naturally curly can simply skip this step), apply curl enhancer and styling creme to wet hair and wind whole head onto 1-inch rollers. Mist liberally with holding spray. Allow to dry. Unwind rollers for a curly style.

Step: Separate bangs and gather the rest of the hair right on top of the head, slightly forward of the crown. Tie into a high pony. Using hands, fan out the pony, creating a big, flirty and fulsome look.

Step: Style bangs with set and style spray and a comb, keeping them loose and tousled.

Step: Mist whole style generously with primp for shine and support.

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