After lots of nipple-freeing glamorization, Moschino flare, and pandering to her celebrity entourage Rihanna has gone back to her street style roots for her latest cover, the pre-spring issue of ID. Paring a plethora of long, tightly woven braids with gold hooped earrings, the Barbadian songstress looks like the rebirth of TLC. No scrubs, you can learn this look in the notes.

Note: This look is easier than what you think, but you will need some length!


Step: Leave hair dry and unwashed, a bit of natural grit will help you braid. Apply refinish dry shampoo through hair to increase texture.

Step: Divide hair into 8, 10 or 12 sections on the top of the head. Clip sections out of the way.

Step: One section at a time, release clip, gather hair in hands, secure at base with an elastic and split mini pony into three. Now make a simple three-strand, tightly woven braid and tie off with elastic. Unlike the modern braids you may have seen, this twine should not be pulled apart or disheveled. Lean, polished braids all around is what gives this look such a definitive 90s style.

Step: Once all braids are done, coat hands with healing oil and rub along the braids, helping to keep flyaways down and sultriness up.

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