With everything from micro to milkmaid adorning our crowning glories, the beatnik elegance of braids has been a styling trend tour de force for several seasons. Now, however, there’s a new twine in town. Wearing it with a 1990s sportswear throwback ensemble, Rihanna’s tumbling, spiraling side-twist presents the perfect option for time-challenged style mavens. A quick to create, chunky, two strand twist that keeps long tresses controlled and away from the face, wear this style to impress your brunch date. For the easy-to-do technique, click style notes. 

Step: Liberally layer refinish dry shampoo into dry hair. This will add texture, grit and grip, making it easier for your twist to stay together.

Step: Make a strong side-part and sweep hair across to long side of part. Gather hair in two sections, one taking hair from forward of crown, including bangs; one taking hair from the side and back.

Step: Down the side of the face, neck and shoulder, braid these two sections loosely together. Keep it thick and chunky at the top, moving gradually to a slighter and slighter twine. Secure with elastic. Mist with primp working spray for hold and grip.

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