rita ora

Pictured for the promo of her new music video ‘Poison,’ Rita Ora plays the part of original IT girl, Edie Sedgwick. Wearing a blonde crop reminiscent of Edie’s trademark look at The Factory, Andy Warhol’s NYC studio, Rita reminds us that retro and dramatic, sexy 60s style is still a vanguard way to set your personality apart from the crowd. Find out how you can channel a wild, artsy heiress in the notes.

Step: Edie was famous for her cropped hair and to recreate her style, you need to take the cut. Take pictures of Edie’s style to your stylist for inspiration and ask for a razor cut instead of scissors, which will help to give it a more modern, lived-in feeling.

Step: Platinum blonde is the only way for a Factory Girl to go. Your hair color history and base level will determine how much work will be required to go platinum. It’s important to honestly explain your color history to your colorist, so they may ascertain the best processes for you. If you have virgin hair, or have a naturally light hair color, going platinum will be easier.

Step: Put on some heavy black eyeliner, spike up or backcomb your hair a bit, and strut salaciously through a crowd of hip young things.

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